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Investment Commentary

4th Quarter 2014: Cowboys on Wall Street
By Benton S. Bragg CFP®, CFA®

My son Charlie (7) was given a gift certificate to Toys & Co. for Christmas by his grandparents. As you might imagine, after receiving the gift, not a day passed without Charlie reminding Alice and me that he was ready to go shopping. "Are we going today, Mama? How 'bout tomorrow, Daddy? Why can't we go right now?" As we live on a small farm outside of Huntersville, making the trip to Toys & Co. in south Charlotte would normally require a little planning. But conveniently, our whole family was to be in Charlotte one evening last week for our annual "Country-Come-to-Town, Big-City Christmas Lights Tour" and we thought it might be fun for all six of us to stop by Toys & Co. at Cotswold Shopping Center to help Charlie pick out a toy. Needless to say, Charlie was excited and the rest of us were pretty fired up too. Read more

3rd Quarter 2014: Limited Visibility

2nd Quarter 2014: Black Snakes & Rebalancing

1st Quarter 2014: Rigged Markets & the Tooth Fairy

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Financial Planning Commentary

Mary Lou Daly
Turning 64
March 2015
by Mary Lou Daly, CFP®, CPA

As my children grow older, it seems life moves a little faster each year. In a couple of years, both my children will have left the nest for college and my husband and I will, we hope, have a few years before they possibly move back in. Before I know it, my 50's will be behind me and the golden years of 60's and retirement / medical decision-making will be upon me. Read more

Benton Bragg
Asset Location for Tax Efficiency: What You Need to Know
January 2015
by Benton S. Bragg, CFP®, CFA®

Many investors spend more time worrying about what securities to own and relatively little time considering where to own those securities. Specifically, they haven't considered whether the security should be held in their IRA (or other pre-tax account) or if it should be held in their taxable account (after-tax account). This can be an expensive mistake given today's tax environment. Read more

Phillips Bragg
Planned Giving Problems and Solutions: Make Sure Your Wishes Come True
November 2014
by Phillips M. Bragg, CFP®, ARP®

It is inconsistent that so many generous folks, who relished giving during their lifetime, leave nothing at their death to their favorite charities. Perhaps it can be assumed that they meant to make provisions but were not sure how. The following are examples of problems that cause procrastination, and solutions to those problems. Read more

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And in other news ...

The Sound of Everything Unveiled

The Sound of Everything

Commissioned by company founder Frank Bragg, the work is the largest of a series of Cassidy's new sculptures that attempt to create physical equivalents of musical sound and its emotional and associative resonances. The eighteen foot tall sculpture is constructed from steel and has a powder coated surface. The soft silver blue color was specifically chosen to make reference to the changing characteristics of the sky. On a gray day the sculpture looks blue and on a blue sky day it appears to be more silver. Read more.

Frank Bragg honored as co-founder of Right Moves for Youth

Bragg Financial Advisors Founder J. Frank Bragg
Frank Bragg receives Right Moves
for Youth award

Twenty-five years. More than 30,000 children served. Hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. Education. Community. Commitment. Change.

Right Moves for Youth held a special breakfast on November 14th to celebrate 25 years of serving at-risk youth in Charlotte. Community volunteer Frank Bragg, and Sgt. Dave Scheppegrell of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, were honored as co-founders of Right Moves for Youth. Read more.