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Investment Commentary

1st Quarter 2015: Man-Boy
By Benton S. Bragg CFP®, CFA®

There was a boy on my 1980 Quail Hollow Middle School football team named "Man-Boy." Actually that was his nickname. His real name was Darryl Redfern. When I first met him, I wondered about the origins of his nickname. Man-Boy? While he was pretty stocky, he was probably three or four inches shorter than I was and he was a pretty quiet guy. It wasn't until we started practicing in full pads and helmets that it became clear how he got the nickname. Read more

4th Quarter 2014: Cowboys on Wall Street

3rd Quarter 2014: Limited Visibility

2nd Quarter 2014: Black Snakes & Rebalancing

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Financial Planning Commentary

Benton Bragg
Good Debt and Bad Debt
April 2015
by Benton S. Bragg, CFP®, CFA®

I wish I had borrowed a million bucks back in March of 2009 as the market bottomed and used the money to buy stocks. With the market up more than 200% since then, my investment would be worth more than $3 million today and I could sell the stocks, pay off the debt, pay some taxes and enjoy my net profit of around $1.5 million. Whistling on my way to the bank! We all wish it were that easy, don't we? Read more

Mary Lou Daly
Retirement Under Construction
April 2015
by Mary Lou Daly, CFP®, CPA

Retirement "ain't what it used to be," or likely isn't what we thought it would be. Playing golf, walking on the beach, sipping martinis by the pool, and traveling will be only part of the retirement picture. What else will define these final decades of our lives? Read more

Phillips Bragg
Planned Giving Problems and Solutions: Make Sure Your Wishes Come True
November 2014
by Phillips M. Bragg, CFP®, ARP®

It is inconsistent that so many generous folks, who relished giving during their lifetime, leave nothing at their death to their favorite charities. Perhaps it can be assumed that they meant to make provisions but were not sure how. The following are examples of problems that cause procrastination, and solutions to those problems. Read more

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Bragg News
Benton Bragg receives Scouting's Silver Beaver Award
April 23, 2015—The Silver Beaver Award is the highest recognition awarded to adult Scout volunteers within a local council. The award is given in recognition of volunteers of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service to youth through scouting.

Bragg News
Bragg Financial Goes to School
April 13, 2015—When Bragg Financial portfolio manager Ben Rose arrives at work on Monday mornings after tutoring at Druid Hills Academy, he says he feels "refreshed. It puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day."

Bragg News
The Sound of Everything Unveiled
January 9, 2015—Commissioned by company founder Frank Bragg, the work is the largest in a series of Shaun Cassidy's sculptures that attempt to create physical equivalents of musical sound and its emotional and associative resonances.

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