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Bragg Financial Advisors

Firm Principals
Front: John Bragg, Steve Scruggs, and Phillips Bragg
Back: Benton and Frank Bragg

Rigged Markets & the Tooth Fairy

My youngest son, Charlie (age 6), lost another tooth this week. This one had been loose for some time, dangling around in plain view whenever he smiled. We finally got it out while he was brushing his teeth before bedtime. After spitting blood into the sink for about five minutes, Charlie looked in the mirror and saw that he now had only two teeth remaining in front on the bottom row. He looked at me, bared his two snaggled teeth, declared that he was a tiger and ran off down the hall to terrorize his sister. "I'm a tiger, Frances! ROOOOAAARRR!" The fun continued until Charlie dropped his prized tooth down the drain in the bathroom sink. Uh oh. The boy stood there and cried the biggest tears you've ever seen. "I dro-opped my too-oth down the dra-ain and now the tooth fairy won't co-oo-oo-me," he sobbed. Hmmm. Think, Benton, think!

I first considered opening the drain trap to retrieve the tooth but that sounded like a lot of trouble. Why bother with all of that? If we're going to lie to our children about the tooth fairy, why not make up a whopper? . . .

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Phillips Bragg named Accredited Estate Planner®

Phillips Bragg

The National Association of Estate Planners & Councils has recently certified Phillips Bragg as an Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®). This designation is a graduate level specialization in estate planning, obtained in addition to already recognized professional credentials within the various disciplines of estate planning. It is awarded to recognize estate planning professionals who meet stringent requirements of experience, knowledge, education, professional reputation, and character. Congratulations, Phillips!

Federal estate-tax law permanence and NC repeal: Time to revisit your plans

By Phillips Bragg

Amid a host of headlines out of Raleigh is the news that North Carolina has repealed its estate tax. The tax, which featured a top rate of 16%, was payable by individuals with taxable estates in excess of $5,250,000. The repeal is retroactive...

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Bragg Financial Advisors Welcomes George Climer

George W. Climer III

George W. Climer III, CFP® has joined Bragg Financial Advisors as a Client Relationship Manager. George brings 20 years of experience to the Bragg Financial team in the areas of financial planning, estate planning and investment management for high net worth families.

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Bragg in the News

Benton Bragg quoted on NBC National News regarding the government shutdown
NBC News
October 16, 2013 by Jay Gray
Queens Road Small Cap Value fund receives Strong Buy rating, in top-5 list of small value funds
Zacks Equity Research
October 22, 2012 by Zacks Equity Research


CLT Business Journal quotes Benton Bragg regarding rebounding economy
Charlotte Business Journal - 09/13/2013
by CBJ Staff
CLT Business Journal quotes Phillips Bragg regarding fiscal cliff
Charlotte Business Journal - 02/1/2013
by Laura Williams-Tracy

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Celebrating 50 Years

Celebrating 50 years

Bragg Financial Advisors is celebrating our Golden Anniversary! Our firm has helped individuals, families and institutions reach their financial goals and objectives for over 50 years. Frank Bragg started our firm in 1962 when he and his wife Kathy moved to Charlotte from Winston-Salem. Today, we manage over $950 million in assets and serve high net-worth families, foundations and institutional clients with a highly-educated team of 15 associates.

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